Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Here's a free download of Teenage Brains EP for all you shindiggers out there! Enjoy!!

Here's a sweet review from we just found from Razorcake!!
Razorcake Review:
CHEAP FREAKS: Teenage Brains: CDEP
This is retro garage punk from another dimension. There is so much intensity and badassery condensed in this woefully short EP. Surf rock guitar flies in from outer space, heating up and melting into organs and tambourine. It crash lands in your ears and all of a sudden you’re dancing along. –Candice Tobin (Psycho Sound, psychosoundrecords.blogspot.com)


Friday, 24 June 2011


Some kind word said by MRNR mag this month

New Band Spotlight - Cheap Freaks
Kevin Manion‘s review of this band’s 4-song CD-R

I bet the Guinness flows like fucking water when CHEAP FREAKS deliver their superb fuzzed-out garage jams to unsuspecting bar patrons around Dublin. Second release from this Irish quartet and it’s definitely a winner. Four trashy rock ‘n’ roll stompers sure to make denim-clad punks bounce off the walls and spill stout everywhere. Top-notch production, a bit dirty without sacrificing intensity or stepping on the singer’s vocals. Sounds like they dig the MONKS just as much as the REATARDS. An LP is set to be released, and if it’s anywhere near as good as this, CHEAP FREAKS will be huge in a couple months.


Friday, 25 March 2011

New Single Out Today!

New single out today. Limited to 100 CDs available from http://psychosoundrecords.blogspot.com/ for €3 with FREE P&P!!! or exclusive download from http://cheapfreaks.bandcamp.com/ for €1! Both tracks taken from upcoming debut album 'Bury Them All', set for release May 2011...

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Play Four Songs EP Reviews

Just came across some PFS EP reviews on the weird wild web today. May have seen two of them before but here goes... Banana image added as i've started eating banana's and listening to the Velvets quite a lot lately...

Roctober Review:

Friday, September 10, 2010 Cheap Freaks "Play Four Songs" (Big Neck) Ridiculously potent 60s-ish/70s-ish garage punk from Dublin that's doublin' my pleasure by being twice as good as anything else I've heard this week. Genuinely good garage rock is hard to describe in words other than to say, this record gets it totally right. Freakin' awesome!

Ripple Effect review:

Cheap Freaks – Play Four Songs Speaking of garage fuzz, the Cheap Freaks come along right on cue. Coming from Dublin, the Cheap Freaks add a touch of quasi-psychedelia, a la the 13th Floor Elevators to their sonic attack. “Caesar the deceiver” tosses some odd guitar touches into the guttural pulp mix and a hefty dose of “Hurly Burly” chops. 1984 rocks with a caveman-pounding-his-mate intensity. “Nowhere to Go,” revs up the speed-inhalation with a nasty dose of poppers, whiskey and cheap wine. Guitars go in furious circles while the vocals chop through the fuzz. “Something Wrong,” sounds like an outtake from some 1960’s beach movie on really bad speed and acid. It’s all enough to give Annette Funicello hives. Total lo-fi, garage slop noise. It’s punky. It’s fuzzed. Of course it’s from Big Neck Records. A definite hit for the like minded. Call me one.

Sleazegrinder Review

Centred round half of Dublin four-piece The Things, who seem to have gone the way of asbestos garages since reviewed in these hallowed dark spaces, these leak out from a similar vein but infuse a more soulful destitution than their previus outfits farfisa-fi-fi-finery. After yours stuly started it off at the wrong speed & almost succumbing to the Vanilla Fudge fumage it hits with a psychogarage stomp of slack-jawed but inspiredly wired intensity with Caesar The Deceiver discarding some superbly sparkly & dypsodelic dysfunctional guitar grunk, 1984 is a trash-can blue moon rattler while Nowhere To Go careens cross city boundaries with kerbstones as plectrums chauffering Chuck Berry to hustle The Heartbreakers territory for some payback. Closer Something Wrong laces lacerated Southside, almost Sylvain-ian soul & Mink Deville swagger into the spirited mix for a walk on the window ledge of the psychward - a tumultuous conclusion full of gloriously gruesome guitar gristle & vocal caterwauling. Grab your warder by the cuffs.
Stu Gibson

Razorcake Review
Play Four Songs: 7”
Wham—really plucky fast start makes me think of a ‘60s psych vibe with real motivation. “Nowhere to Go” starts the flipside ripping. No reason to sit on your ass when you can get the song blasting right away. Bada bada bada bop! Bada bada bada bop! Whaaaoo! Shit yeah, let’s do this. Lo-fi garage that pays the bill. –Speedway Randy (Big Neck, bigneckrecords.com)

Friday, 4 February 2011


We've been asked to open for Beady Eye on the Irish leg of their European Tour! Seriously delighted about this! If it wasn't for the Gallagher's/Oasis i would never have even picked up playing the guitar. AND! I even used to smoke Benson & Hedges smokes just because i saw Bonehead smoking them on my There & Then video! Still smoking till this day, Bastards! Bob xx

Beady Eye have just announce Dublin act Cheap Freaks as their opening act for their Irish Tour in April. more info at http://www.beadyeyemusic.com/news.php?id=207

14/4 Olympia Theatre, Dublin
15/4 Olympia Theatre, Dublin
17/4 Ulster Hall, Belfast

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Teenage Brains come out this Friday!!!

Yo Yo!
Our new EP Teenage Brains in out this Friday on Psycho Sound Records. Pre order the CD from PSR site (see links)It will also be available to buy at our show in the Mercantile. xx

Cheap Freaks - Can't Fool Me by cheapfreaks

Cheap Freaks - Sleep With You by cheapfreaks

Monday, 17 January 2011

Gig in the Mercantile!

Yo Ya'll
Playing the Mercantile on Friday the 28th of January. Support on the night comes from The Syndicate and Black Market Babies. Poster by the wonderful Misisipi Mike

Our new 'Teenage Brains' EP will be available to buy on CD from our merch table on the night.

Hope to see ya'll there!