Saturday, 21 August 2010

Cosmic Drunken Jams!

Here is a little drunkin doodle jam myself and Al had in the old rehearsal space. I found on my field mic recorder at the end of another song we were working on. Dont remember much of recording this as we were both probably drunk! :() Anyways you's can have it! xx

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Tim Dumbton!

Playing last Friday night at our mate Lauryn's house. If wanna hire Cheap Freaks to perform at yer gaf party just drop us a mail at - We'll dress as priest, nuns, nurses you name it! - CHEZ WIHUM!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Some kind words!

EP Review on the Ripple Effect - Cheap Freaks – Play Four Songs

Speaking of garage fuzz, the Cheap Freaks come along right on cue. Coming from Dublin, the Cheap Freaks add a touch of quasi-psychedelia, a la the 13th Floor Elevators to their sonic attack. “Caesar the deceiver” tosses some odd guitar touches into the guttural pulp m...ix and a hefty dose of “Hurly Burly” chops. 1984 rocks with a caveman-pounding-his-mate intensity. “Nowhere to Go,” revs up the speed-inhalation with a nasty dose of poppers, whiskey and cheap wine. Guitars go in furious circles while the vocals chop through the fuzz. “Something Wrong,” sounds like an outtake from some 1960’s beach movie on really bad speed and acid. It’s all enough to give Annette Funicello hives.

Total lo-fi, garage slop noise. It’s punky. It’s fuzzed. Of course it’s from Big Neck Records. A definite hit for the like minded. Call me one.

Download "Play Four Songs" EP for free!!