Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Berlin / EP / Album

Yo Yo!
First of all thanks to all for coming down to Psycho Fest last Saturday, twas great day indeed!

In other news we are off to Berlin this Friday for 8 days. First we play our debut German show at White Trash on Sat 20.06.09. Many thanks to Artfink! for the wonderful poster.


We then head to Der Schaltraum Studio in East Berlin for 5 days recording in which time we plan to record our debut album. We've short listed about 17 of 22 songs to record next week. Hoping we can maybe get the album out before xmas...

EP: Our debut EP has been shipped off for pressing so we should have an official release date pretty soon...The 7" will be availble from Big Neck Records and a limited run of CDs will be available from our own Psycho Sound Records aswell as your usual itunes and all that download shite...
Bobser! XX

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