Monday, 23 February 2009

Ikcle Bit Of Fookin News!!!


Few bits'n'blogs to report. First and foremost I suppose we may aswell introduce ourselves good'n'proper. Cheap Freaks came about when myself (Bob) and Magic Al Dodd got together for a jam to work on some idea's we had away from our respected bands The Things/Real Junk (me!) and DC Pakt (Al). After some months of shite going on with the Things we decided to go full time with the Freaks.

Post debut shows: We have been spending a lot of time in our studio trying to stop our demo's from getting so noizy but no such luck! So i think we are just gonna release them as they are...

We hope to release a 4 track 7" EP of all this shite real soon on Big Neck Records.

Also we are off to Berlin on the 20th of June for a weeks recording with the wonderful Tom Schwoll. We are looking to bang our about 20 songs that week withthe view to putting together our debut album...

Oh and we play Toners Pub on Baggot Street Dublin on 11.04.09..


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